logo_pixelsHi there! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

My name is Nicole and together with my husband, “A”, and our little dog, Coco, we are cooking our way through as many tasty dinners as we can discover. At the beginning of each new year, we stock up on new cookbooks, each full of new delicious recipes waiting to be discovered. Come January 1st, we eagerly prepare to spend the next 365 days sauteeing, boiling, sifting, and most importantly, eating our way through a plethora of new cookbooks. Here, in these simple posts, I am documenting our successes, our…lets just call them good attempts ( 😉 ), our recommendations for success, and our tried and true favorites.  While we have nothing against the big shot chefs out there (and we love to watch their tv shows!), we tend to cook recipes from cookbooks created by other bloggers, with some bigger names thrown in here and there when we stumble upon them. We love discovering new dishes and tastes from around the world, as well as rediscovering classics from our own backyard.

As both A and I work full-time jobs, we prefer to make dishes that are not too complicated and can fit into our busy lives. On the weekends, if we have any energy left, we sometimes go a bit nuts and will make something more complicated, but those days are few and far between.

Curious about the blog name? I am a biochemist who loves to eat. 🙂 After graduate school, I chose to trade in my lab coat and use my skills as a medical writer. I chose to start this blog so as to have a creative space to balance out all the my left-brained focused life 🙂 (… did I mention A is an engineer? Yeah…  if it wasn’t for our love of food, our household would just be waaaaay too technical…)

If you are just stopping by to check out the fun, are looking for some good cookbook recommendations, or are even just wanting some insight our favorite recipe successes, WELCOME! Take your shoes off and stay awhile! We are glad you are here 🙂